Flint Ridge Baptist Church

Our History


          Glorifying God with the                                 aid of the Holy Spirit

In 1866 the Flint Ridge Baptist Church was organized. It was during the era of slavery that a few of God’s servants got together with Rev. Berry Austin to organize a church. Services were first held under an old Bush Arbor.

The old Bush Arbor was a place of worship where members would come together to pray, clap, shout, and sing songs of freedom and praise. Later a log cabin was erected but due to rapid growth, members returned to the old Bush Arbor until a building with a stronger foundation was built.

In the 1890’s nearing the turn of the century, a more appealing building was needed. Under the leadership of Reverend G.B. Austin, a new building was constructed. After the passing of Reverend Austin, the membership of Flint Ridge moved ahead under such Pastors as Reverend Grisson, Reverend W.B. Bell, Reverend W.W. Thomas, Reverend Gare, Reverend A.S. Austin, Reverend E.A. Hargrove, Reverend K.J. Johnson, Reverend H.M. Alexander, Reverend A.G. Henley, and Reverend W.M. Covington.

The Providence of God has allowed continuous growth.

In 1941, the Highway Department purchased the church land to build what is known today as GA Highway 85. The members accepted the offer of Deacon Cicero Butler to purchase land across the street from the current location. A structure was erected for worship, but over a period of time it began to lean. In 1955 under the leadership of Reverend Howard Bussey, the present sanctuary was erected.

In 1969, Reverend Hopie Strickland accepted the call to Pastor Flint Ridge followed by Reverend Robert Redding, Reverend Jerome Dukes, Reverend Benjamin Clark, Reverend DL Dennis, Reverend Jerome Drakeford, Reverend Kenneth Robinson, and Reverend Eric Gurley. Under their leadership and guidance, ministries were started, equipment purchased, and much needed renovations were preformed along with changes to improve and expand the physical structure of the building.

I Know the Plans

Grateful for our past and the rich heritage of those who came before us, we must continue to move forward toward the future  with the aid of the Holy Spirit and Reverend Carlton Huff as the Pastor.